UFO POWER Company Profile

UFO POWER, as a professional manufacturer of lithium Lifepo4 battery with over 25+ years’ experience, is able to provide clean and green energy storage battery for home solutions for customers all over the world.

UFO POWER has finished research and development of All In One solar power system, stackable solar power system, wall mounted lithium battery, solar inverter solar power home&commercial system, master the core innovative technology of energy storage battery

Develop 12V, 48V, 54V and 240V system level power supply schemes, liquid cooling systems and battery modules to provide more reliable energy system+energy management software support for the new big data center.

Focusing on AC DC EV charging.
We have own R&D teams, Over 300 engineers for ID MD , hardware and software, quickly to innovate and persevere to provide complete distributed Dc charging solutions for global users. 2kW/3kW/3.5kW/7kW Portable EV charging, 7kW/11kW/20kW Wallbox EV charging (IP54, IP65), 30kW/60kw Wallbox EV charging.It also can be used for fast electric vehicle charging at home etc everywhere.


Technology Team

A team of more than 60 engineers: senior technology experts – backbone engineers – assistant engineers.


Smart BMS

Self-developed intelligent BMS software has the advantages of long service life, stable performance and high security.

Lowest Energy Cost

Competitively priced, easy to install, and high round-trip efficiency.