Our Production Line

UFO POWER intergrate with Marketing and R&D. Production in Dongguan Guangdong Province. Lithium ion battery management system production and development, Lithium ion battery pack design and production. Products include Battery energy storage systems, Small Home ESS, Battery rack modules, EV Charging Station. High voltage lithium ion battery system and Solar Inverter.

Advanced production equipment and intelligent production concept make our work more efficient. Batteries and packs maintain a high degree of consistency.

Manufacturing Capability

Introduction to Production Workshop

Adapt to the production line layout of customized products, and respond flexibly and quickly.

Excellent production equipment ensures product quality and production capacity.

100% constant temperature aging ensures the reliability of the product leaving the factory.

Lean Manufacturing &
Intelligent Manufacturing

Our electrical automation department has the ability to develop full-process automation systems
Eliminate the belt assembly line and change the lean workbench
Standardized, modular design, flexible production line, good compatibility
Cooperate with MES system to trace the whole process