• The R&D center has more than 400 R&D engineers, in which 60 engineers have more than 12 years working experiences related with power development.
  • Profound understanding of power electronic technology, sufficient understanding of the demand of application industry, and development of public technical solutions and platforms.

  • Attach importance to technology accumulation, have filed for more than 100 patents, combination of digital control and power electronics.

  • R&D laboratory established by R&D Center is able to test performance parameters and indexes of new product, and comprehensively assess safety, electromagnetic compatibility, reliability, environmental suitability, EST, complete DQA evaluation process, early product life and properties, and ensure that developed products meet all relevant requirements.

Annual R&D investment exceed 6% of sales revenue.
Incentive mechanism of exchanging shares for technology and employee stock ownership.
R&D team planned and managed by technical leaders well-known in the industry.
A team of more than 60 engineers: senior technology experts – backbone engineers – assistant engineers.
R&D team is not only proficient in power electronic technology, but also has a deep understanding of ICT & EV application industry.
Engineers have been average in this industry for more than 10years .